More about how we work

To buy a domain that we own, simply contact us via Direct Messaging or via our contact forms on this site. Else, you can also  make your offer via the domain’s Landing Page (example: www.legacyfair.com)

If the domain is owned by someone else, we can contact the owner on your behalf and get you a reasonable price for it.

We understand this concern and took took care of that by partnering with Escrow.com a foremost American Escrow Service provider. Dan.com is another of such company. 

Which ever of the two we are using, one of their job is to hold the money on your behalf while they receive the domain name from the seller and then transfer to you before releasing the money to the domain seller.

This way, no body can abscond with your money. A domain name is the safest thing to buy online if  Escrow Service is used.

Yes you can. however,  we tend to increase the listing price of a domain if we receive a $60 offer for a $2,000. The idea is to ward off spammers and ‘lowballers’. 


Yes, of course. We make it worth your while as you do not need to let your domain expire. Should the domain be valuable, we will be more than happy to see you end up with some cash for it.